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Known Issues

The following list provides descriptions of known issues in Relativity Trace. For a list of Relativity Trace enhancements and resolved issues, please visit the Release Notes.

Date Added Issue # Feature Description Resolved
9/6/2021 1178 Data Sources Documents protected with Azure Information Protection (AIP) are currently not showing in the Relativity Viewer. No
9/15/2021 2501 Data Transformations AI Extracted Text Cleansing Data Transforms are being added to the Trace Data Transformations document field, letting you know that the Data Transform was applied to the document. In the interim you can look to the Trace AI Extracted Text Cleansing Status for similar information. Yes
4/28/2022 4097 Trace Searching Task Configuration Perform Term Searching On Trace Cleansed Extracted Text checkbox does not control the text that is used for Term Searching, instead the fields set in the Trace All Documents Saved Search will still be honored. Yes
6/28/2022 4564 Machine Learning Model Data Mapping If a user sets and then removes an active version for a ‘Machine Learning Model’, they will not be able to see results from another version. As a work around, do not have the ‘Active Version’ field be empty after set. Yes
6/28/2022 4569 Build New Machine Learning Model A user cannot put special characters into the ‘New Machine Learning Model’ Name field, for example the model cannot be “Trace’s Model” Yes
6/28/2022 4567 Machine Learning Model Tab The Machine Learning Model tab is wrongfully set to Not Visible making it where the Machine Learning functionality cannot be used Yes
7/19/2022 4722 Language Identification Transformation The Trace Other Langauges field is misspelled and should be Trace Other Languages Yes
7/19/2022 4664 Language Identification Transformation The Trace Other Languages field results should not include the confidence scores and just be a list of languages. Yes
9/6/2022 5036 AI Extracted Text Cleansing - Short Message Trace fails to remove disclaimers from Reuters Chats No