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Retention policies can be defined to dispose of communications after surveillance has been performed.

  1. Overview
    1. Data Disposal Action Type


Retention policies are defined using Workflow Rules and the Data Disposal type of Action.

Data Disposal Action Type

The Data Disposal Action will permanently delete all documents that match the Rule conditions if they are outside the Data Retention window.

Data Disposal will only delete files located in valid Data Batch folders. Documents not ingested by Trace will not be deleted.

If a Document is disposed, but not its parent or children, only the disposed Documents files are deleted.

Only documents which were imported as part of a Data Batch which is in the Completed or CompletedWithDocumentLevelErrors state will be deleted.

The Data Disposal Action Type follows the same Trace Rules Engine paradigm with one added condition:

  • You attach the Data Disposal action to a Rule

  • The rule executes the actions on documents that match the Rule conditions

    • Searchable Set

    • Term Searching (optional)

    • SPECIFIC TO DISPOSAL: Delete Documents Older Than Hours setting

Any document that is newer than the specified number of hours (based on the System Created On field) will not be deleted even if the document is included in the Searchable Set / Search Term.

This action is used to:

  1. Clear out old documents from the Trace workspace
  2. Free disk space by deleting ALL disposed Document files from the File Share

Action Configuration

Document Delete Batch Size - controls number of documents to delete at once

All documents will be deleted in a single pass, this is a tweak to improve SQL performance. Increasing this setting will only take affect if Rule Evaluation task setting (Max Documents Per Execution) is same or higher value.

Delete Documents Older Than Hours - controls age of a document (based on System Created On date/time) to delete

Saved Search Recommendations for Data Disposal

Because of the risk of data loss. You should carefully configure the Searchable Set used for Data Disposal. The following are recommended minimum filtering parameters

  • Trace Has Errors field is False
  • Trace Document Status any of these: 5 - Ready for Rule Analysis OR 6 - Alert Rules Complete
  • The Alert field is not set (is empty)
  • A field marking the document as Reviewed is True