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Data Sources

Trace supports the monitoring of communications across email, chat, voice, mobile, collaboration, and Archive Data Sources.

  1. Overview
  2. Configuring a Data Source
  3. Data Sources List
    1. Email Data Sources
    2. Chat Data Sources
    3. Voice Data Sources
    4. Mobile Data Sources
    5. Collaboration Data Sources
    6. Archives Data Sources
  4. Requesting to Monitor a New Communication Channel


Data Sources are used to automatically and continously collect and ingest communication channel data into Relativity Trace. Relativity Trace supports all essential data sources across email, chat, voice, mobile, collaboration, Archive channels both located in the cloud and on-premises. New data sources are being added in each release and can be added upon request.

Configuring a Data Source

Data Sources are configured by a Relativity Trace Administrator. They are configured both during implementation and ad-hoc when monitoring needs to be extended to a new communication channel. Administrator information on how to configure a Data Source can be found here.

Data Sources List

This list covers the most common Data Sources rather than all Data Sources. To better understand holistic Data Source support contact

Email Data Sources

Type Data Source
Email Office365
Email Google Workspace
Email Bloomberg
Email Microsoft Exchange
Email HCL Notes and Domino
Email Zimbra

Chat Data Sources

Type Data Source
Chat Bloomberg
Chat IceChat
Chat Refinitiv Eikon
Chat Symphony
Chat Skype for Business
Chat Microsoft Teams
Chat Zoom Chat
Chat FXConnect
Chat WebEx Teams
Chat ServiceNow
Chat Google Chat
Chat Salesforce Chatter
Chat Slack
Chat Microsoft Yammer
Chat Facebook Workplace

Voice Data Sources

Type Data Source
Voice Microsoft Teams
Voice Zoom
Voice Symphony
Voice WebEx Teams
Voice Vodafone
Voice Avaya
Voice Cloud 9
Voice Verba/Verint
Voice Mitel
Voice Liquid Voice
Voice O2
Voice Skype for Business

Mobile Data Sources

Type Data Source
Mobile WhatsApp
Mobile WeChat
Mobile SMS/MMS
Mobile iMessage
Mobile Telegram
Mobile Signal

Collaboration Data Sources

Type Data Source
Collaboration OneDrive for Business
Collaboration SharePoint
Collaboration Google Drive
Collaboration Box
Collaboration AWS S3
Collaboration Dropbox

Archives Data Sources

Type Data Source
Archive Proofpoint
Archive Enterprise Vault
Archive MimeCast
Archive Smarsh
Archive Google Vault
Archive Dell Vault
Archive OpenText
Archive CommVault
Archive Barracuda
Archive Quest
Archive Dell SourceOne

Some Data Sources are supported through partners.

Requesting to Monitor a New Communication Channel

Currently unsupported communication channels can be added in as quickly as two weeks depending on the channel’s openness and integration capabilities. To have a currently unsupported communication channel added as a supported data sources please contact