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Machine Learning Models

Machine Learning Models can help detect risky content that isn’t captured by term searching or identify irrelevant content that shouldn’t be alerted on to reduce false-positive alerting.

  1. Machine Learning Models
  2. Machine Learning Model Results
    1. Viewing Machine Learning Model Results
  3. Additional Information

Machine Learning Models

Check the Machine Learning Models tab to see what Models have been enabled by administrators. Enabled Machine Learning Models are those that have an Active Version set.

Machine Learning Model Results

The following document fields are created for each Machine Learning Model once the model is enabled (Active Version set).

  1. [Model Name] Decision = Yes or No value on whether the communication is a positive example of the model based on the Rank and the Positive Rank Cutoff value
  2. [Model Name] Score = 0-100 rank on the likelihood the expected outcome occurred with 100 being a high and 0 being low
  3. [Model Name] Version = the Model Version that was set as the Active version when the document was analyzed Example

Viewing Machine Learning Model Results

Find the [Machine Learning Model] Decision and [Machine Learning Model] Rank fields within your views, layouts, and coding pane to understand the model results.

Additional Information

For setup or detailed information, please see the Administrator Guide.