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Detailed Data Flow

Many actions are taken to collect, alert, and then dispose of a communication as a part of an ongoing surveillance process.

  1. Overview


Every communication for the individuals being monitored flows through the following steps within the system. Each step can be heavily configured based on an organization’s structure, team, and risk tolerances, but the flow stays constant.

# Category Step Description
1 Collection Data Sources Define the communication channels that need to be monitored
2 Collection Monitored Individuals Define the individuals that need to be monitored and for what Data Source
3 Collection Collect Configure underlying collection method either through Relativity Collect capabilities or third party collection tools
4 Enrichment Data Transformations Analyze native communication files to ignore, manipulate, or derive content prior to communication becoming a document
5 Ingestion Load File Generate an ingestion configuration file for a set of communications
6 Ingestion Data Batches Define a unit of ingestion work to be performed
7 Ingestion Integration Points Ingest data defined in Data Batch into Relativity Trace
8 Enrichment Index & Term Search Create search indexes and search for Trace Terms in extracted text
9 Enrichment Scripts Run scripts to create new metadata on documents
10 Enrichment Analytics & Machine Learning Run analytics capabilities to create new metadata on documents
11 Enrichment Normalize Verify that communications have undergone all enrichment actions and are ready for alerting
12 Alerting Omit from Alert Rules Identify communications that could not possibly contain any misconduct and remove them from alert analysis
13 Alerting Alert Rules Locate communications that contain misconduct and mark them as alerts
14 Workflow Workflow Rules Perform workflow actions to move alerted communications to the appropriate queues for manual review
15 Review Manual User Review Users manually review alerted communications and add their review decisions on the document
16 Workflow Workflow Rules Communications are moved through the system based on their review decision
17 Retention Disposal Communications are removed from Relativity Trace based on defined retention policies