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Monitored Individuals

A Monitored Indidual is a person within the organization whose communications are being analyzed for misconduct.

  1. Overview


Monitored Individuals can be added an removed manually within Relativity Trace. They can be assigned to multiple Data Sources to collect data for that individual from a specific communication channel.

The only two fields on Monitored Individual currently used in application logic are the Identifier and Secondary Identifier fields. All other fields are simply for display purposes. Each Monitored Individual must have a unique value in the Identifier field. Typically the Identifier is the employee’s email address. Identifier is case-sensitive, with the exception of the domain of an email address (e.g. and are treated as two different email addresses / identifiers, while and are treated as the same email addresses / identifiers). The Secondary Identifier field is used to list other email addresses that may be associated with this Monitored Individual. Email addresses in the Secondary Identifier field should be delimited with a semi-colon (;).

It is also possible to automatically add / update / remove Monitored Individuals via Extensible API’s.