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Contribute to Documentation

Relativity Trace Documentation is open source, meaning anyone can contribute updates to improve the content.

  1. Documentation Approach
  2. What is required to start contributing?
    1. Quick Edits
    2. More Involved Edits
  3. Key Standard Principles that MUST be followed
    1. Images
    2. Links
    3. Callouts

Documentation Approach

This documentation process was inspired by: Microsoft Docs contributor guide and is based on Markdown language which is lightweight and portable. See more info here.

What is required to start contributing?

  1. Setup GitHub
  2. Create a Pull Request (PR)

    Please make all enhancements in the “develop” branch.

  3. Use GitHub UI (for Quick Edits) OR for more involved changes
  4. Submit changes for review and get PR approved

Quick Edits

Follow this guide:

More Involved Edits

  1. Download
  2. Open it and then File -> Preferences
  3. Update Image Settings according to below
    1. image-20210909150142204
  4. ^ this will allow for copying and pasting of images directly into Typora

Key Standard Principles that MUST be followed

If these standard principles are not met the project will not build successfully.


Image links MUST reference relative media folder AND images must be placed in the folder named after the name of .MD file within relative media folder

  1. Example mardown:
  2. image-20210909153552766
  3. image-20210909153615643
  4. image-20210909153640922

All links MUST be either relative OR refernce root

  1. example:

        [Extensible API's]({{ site.baseurl }}{% link docs/administrator_guide/ %})


Callouts such as warn, info, etc…

Usage (.info, .warn, .danger are currently supported):

   Do not blah blah blah...
   {: .warn }