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Relativity Scripts enable you to write and run SQL-based scripts to augment standard enrichment capabilities.

  1. Overview
    1. Automate the Running of Scripts
    2. Custom Relativity Trace Scripts


More information on Relativity Scripts can be found here.

Automate the Running of Scripts

Scripts can be automated through Actions. See Actions page for more information.

Custom Relativity Trace Scripts

Several useful Relativity Scripts are shipped by default with Trace application.

Script Name Description Inputs and Outputs
Trace Date Parser This script parses system CreatedOn Date Time field into a Trace Day Of Week field and Trace Hour Of Day field INPUT: Timezone
INPUT: Saved Search to execute on (passed from Rule)
OUTPUT: TraceHourOfDay Field Name
OUTPUT: TraceDayOfWeek Field Name

The SQL Query SELECT * FROM sys.time_zone_info will return all time zones available on the SQL Server. Use any of the Time zone names in the Timezone Input.
Trace AI Calculations Contact your prior to using this script.
This script calculates Precision and Recall across all rank cutoffs for your Active Learning project you can better understand the accuracy and what rank cutoff you should be using in your Rules.
INPUT: Rank Field (This should be the CSR Rank field from the Active Learning Project)
INPUT: Decision Field (A Yes/No field that denotes whether a document is a true positive)
OUTPUT: A table calculating Precision and Recall for all Cutoff Ranks.