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Feature Preview

Some features are released early to get customer feedback prior to a more general release.


Trace may release features in a Preview state to get early feedback prior to a more general release. These are features that the Trace engineering team is continuing to enhance, meaning these features may lack a robust capability set. All features in Preview will eventually move to General Availability, but timelines may vary from one week to multiple months. Features in Preview should not be avoided, but should rather be an invitation to provide feedback through Features in Preview will be labelled with yellow tags in documentation.

Example of yellow tag

Private Preview

Types of Previews

Type Description
Private Preview New features that must be Toggled On by Relativity to function correctly. Please contact if you would like access to one of these features.
Public Preview New features that are available to all users (doesn’t require any outreach to Support), but are in their infancy and may be missing a robust capability set.
General Availability (GA) Feature is fully released to all customers with full support. We don’t normally tag any feature as GA as it’s assumed that if it’s not tagged it is in GA.